About the event

                                Center for High-resolution Electron Microscopy (C?EM)in School of Physical Sciences and Technology (SPST), ShanghaiTech University is pleased to announce the Inauguration and the International Symposium, to be held on May 27-29 2018.

                                The purpose of the symposium is to promote and support scientific exchange and relationships between ShanghaiTech and the greater international community. The format will be a single stream of elite-level, international plenary lectures. The topic will focus on Electron Microscopy and its interaction with Materials, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Plenary presentations from leading international experts across the fields will provide a broad perspective on current research and educational developments as well as point to future challenges and opportunities for innovation.

                                Link: http://cheminauguration2018.shanghaitech.edu.cn/index.php